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Job Posting — Nov 29, 2016

Front-End Developer

Full-time at Acropole Travels Pvt Ltd (
in New Delhi

Responsibilities :

- You'll be required to develop upon the front-end of our new product which is written in AngularJS (

- You'll be expected to handle the production server deployment, testing and development of the same. You'll need to be a fast-paced individual who can not only multi-task but prioritize the tasks based on their urgency in a demanding environment.

- You should be capable of building and leading a team of developers focussed on building the product in constantly evolving environment.

Preferred Technical Knowledge :

- 0.5+ years Experience in AngularJS

- Experience with REST web services and JSON manipulation

- Experience with HTML5 Local Storage API

- Extensive experience with Angular Material Design components or similar framework.

- 1+ years experience with functional programming & object oriented JavaScript

- Experience with Git and open source contributions will be a plus

Company Profile :

So Delhi ( | So - A Local's City Guide Android / IOS App ) is a local recommendations engine. We provide insights about a city, along with things to do and places to visit. We also act as a targeted digital marketing solution provider. We help brands gain more visibility across relevant sections of the audience through the use of technology.

What drives us :

- The need for creating a trustworthy source of genuine recommendations through the use of technology is what has been our motivation since the beginning. We believe in developing products that can provide the necessary infrastructure to the - not-so-tech-savvy people who have something to recommend in the city that other people want to know.

For more information on this listing please email Haimal Khetan -

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