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Job Posting — Dec 5, 2016

Senior Front-End Developer

Full-time at Springer Nature
in Berlin

We build our software incrementally, iteratively, and continuously, so you’ll be able to see new work go live to over four million visitors around the globe every week. Our flavour of agile has been heavily influenced by XP and Kanban, and if something isn’t working, we change it.

Our work delivers value to both the business and our customers, our teams are cross-discipline: business analysts and the user experience team work with stakeholders to coordinate research and understand requirements, whilst our front-end developers and software engineers pair with quality analysts to develop the most robust solutions, and our platform engineers work across the organisation to ensure our infrastructure never lets us down.

We generally follow a mix of agile and lean practices with an overall philosophy towards continuous delivery. We’ll rely on each and everyone´s expertise to adapt and improve these processes to serve the team, project and company as best fits their current contexts.


  • Mentoring and support the other Front-End Developers (based in Berlin, to begin with)
  • Maintain frequent communication with everyone else in the team
  • Communicate clearly about status, problems, ideas
  • Ensure the continuous delivery of high quality work (websites/software/documentation/style guides/etc).

Main requirements

  • Thorough knowledge of Node.js, HTML and CSS
  • Being mindful of others and able to provide thoughtful/compassionate feedback whenever needed
  • Deep understanding of accessibility issues
  • Ability to handle pressure situations without passing it to the team. You should be able to stay calm
  • Must delight in having an intimate understanding of the internal workings of a system
  • Must enjoy the intellectual challenge of creatively overcoming (or circumventing) technical limitations
  • Understands and accepts – preferably relishes - the heterogeneous nature of the web
  • A deep understanding of browser and platform compatibility issues
  • Knowledge of the techniques used to build fast websites
  • Must have a great desire to adapt, and crave constructive criticism


  • An excellent working environment with flat hierarchies
  • A good work life balance with fair working hours + a generous and flexible vacation package
  • Discounted public transport
  • Discounted book prices
  • An excellent on-site cafeteria


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