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Job Posting — Dec 22, 2016

Front-End Engineer for Industry 4.0 

Full-time at Actyx AG
in Munich

Actyx is rethinking manufacturing. We are driving a new manufacturing paradigm based on the Internet of Things, advanced big-data analytics, adaptive user-assistance systems and intelligent machines and robots. We are working hand-in-hand with manufactures to develop the operating system of the factory of the future. We solve hard technical problems, constantly working toward our vision of smart, adaptive, sustainable and efficient manufacturing.

The fourth industrial revolution is transforming how people interact with their work environment, from machine operators to plant managers and across a highly diverse workforce. We strongly believe that there is huge positive potential in tackling this challenge and we feel the social responsibility to get it right. We also know that in order to achieve a sustainable solution we need to blend our extraordinarily strong engineering with exceptionally good user experience—we are aiming at nothing less than a redefinition of the term “industrial-grade software”.


  • You will develop the user interface for the O/S of the factory of the future.
  • You will leverage modern best practices: HTML5, FRP, CD, etc.
  • You will engage with our domain experts to quickly develop innovative solutions.
  • You will work with your teammates in an agile low-overhead environment.
  • You will work in a fully distributed team from anywhere in central Europe.


  • You have a passion for tackling hard problems with sustainable solutions.
  • You have great development and problem solving skills.
  • You have a craving for learning new things and technologies.
  • You have experience in the full life-cycle from design mocks to automatically tested code.
  • You can showcase several non-trivial front-end projects of your own.
  • You are a team player and strong communicator.
  • Nice if you also have experience with data visualization.


  • You will really change the world!
  • You will work in a high-velocity startup environment.
  • You will be able to leverage leading-edge technology.
  • You will work with and learn from interdisciplinary domain experts.
  • You will learn in a team of passionate world-class software engineers.
  • You will be able to accelerate your career and quickly take on new responsibilities.
  • You will have cross-functional responsibilities (if wanted).
  • You will get a competitive salary and equity.

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