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Job Posting — Feb 22, 2017

Front-End Developer

Freelance at Jason Charnes
in Remote

What I'm Looking For

Hi! I'm looking for a freelance front-end developer to help pick up some of my increased workloads. You will have an opportunity for steady, and possibly increasing work. 


  • Ability to convert designs into HTML, CSS, & Javascript
  • Comfortable with the Bootstrap framework (also open to others you might prefer, be more comfortable with)
  • Comfortable debugging and making adjustments to existing codebases
  • Comfortable with Javascript (sometimes I need fancy animations)
  • Great communication skills
  • Dependability


  • Wordpress experience <3

About ME/The working relationship

I'm a back-end developer by day who runs a consultancy by night. I have a relatively steady amount of work. 

  • I like clean, working code
  • I value dependability and honesty. I promise to be honest and communicative; I expect the same
  • I like to have fun

I currently have around 5-7 hours of work for you a week. These hours aren't guaranteed and may fluctuate over time. However, I'll make sure you know what's coming down the pipeline.

Just a heads up, some of the work may require a non-disclosure agreement.



Shoot me an email to Jason at with your favorite movie as the subject. 

If you could, please include the following:

  • Your Hourly Rate ($)
  • Examples of work/portfolio
  • Time you could commit per week (there is no wrong or right answer)
  • The thing frustrates you the most about front-end development
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