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Job Posting — May 16, 2017

Front-End Lead

Full-time at Bakken & Bæck
in Amsterdam / Oslo

We are looking for an experienced and extraordinarily talented developer to join and lead our front-end team from Oslo. You will be working on innovative and experimental client projects and ambitious internal products, together with a world-class team of passionate designers and developers.

A bit about you

  1. You enjoy building applications for the web, and have been doing so for 5+ years now.
  2. You're happy collaborating closely with other developers and designers.
  3. You pride yourself in staying at the top of your game by experimenting and testing new web technologies, but are still sensible in the selection of what tech to work with.
  4. Passionate about creating excellent user experiences.
  5. You enjoy leading and mentoring a team, and are constantly looking for ways to improve collaborative processes.

What we are looking for

  1. Experience with, and/or a desire to lead a team.
  2. Fluent in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  3. Experience in performance and accessibility work.
  4. Good communication skills and experience working directly with clients.
  5. Committed to QA and testing.
  6. A keen eye for good design is a bonus.


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