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Job Posting — Jun 1, 2017

Senior Ractive/Reflux Developer

Full-time at engageSPARK
in Remote or in Cebu City, Philippines!


Code for good, bump your frontend skills and go diving on the weekends. Why wouldn't you?


We're a VC-funded social not-for-profit startup in the Philippines, in Cebu City. We're automating communication between businesses or NGOs and people. At the moment, we're using two-way SMS, automated voice calls and FB, with other channels such as Viber on the road map.

Our current tech stack

Currently, our UI is powered by Ractive.js' rvc components, and the data flow and events are handled by Reflux. Obviously, we use HTML5, CSS3, etc. As our data model grows ever more complex, we're currently evaluating the benefits of Redux and if it makes sense to switch. The same will happen with React. Join us and be part of that journey!

As for tooling, we're using Jenkins to automate our deployment and to test each and every PR. Mocha and Chai.js are the foundation for our JS tests, but to be honest we're much better at testing in Python than in JS—please help us change that! :)

Other parts of our platform involve Go, Java, Spring, queues, AWS Lambdas, FreeSWITCH, and much more—if ever frontend-only becomes dull, you'll find plenty of technology to keep you busy learning.

It's current for a reason: We'd expect you to be a big part of the discussion where it should be next year.


We’re looking for an experienced frontend developer, who loves not just coding beautiful UIs but rather solving problems. Who knows when to obsess about pixel perfect, about code quality, tests and tooling, and when to hack something, quick and dirty. And who knows how to be passionate about your work without an attitude.

Apart from the right attitude, you need to have a bunch of years real-world exposure to Ractive, React, Angular, Vue or any other big framework out there. If you do, then we assume you'll be fine with whatever we have now and will have in the future.

If you love the beach, diving and snorkeling, the Visayas are for you. Even if you prefer working remotely, it'd be great if you could hop over for a month for onboarding.

For more details, see the full job description. If any of that sounds interesting, shoot us a mail! 

Please send us your resume and a cover letter to

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