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Job Posting — Jul 6, 2017

Front-End JavaScript Engineer with 3D Graphics Knowledge 

Full-time at CONFIDENTAL
in New Zealand - Work live in New Zealand

What We're Looking For

Note - This job would require you to relocate to New Zealand. This job is not a remote job. Visa Sponsorship will be provided.

You Must Speak and Write in English fluently

What we are really after:

We are seeking someone who lives and breathes UI/ UX and is a Javascript developer with 3D graphics skillset, able to work across the full stack but with a passion and skill for front-end Javascript development.

You would be a skilled UI Web Developer with knowledge of 3D computer graphics (OpenGL or WebGL) and developing for the cloud. The web application that we are developing requires a web developer to focus on frontend for rendering and working with 3D scenes in the browser, the rendering of the images need to be photorealistic in the cloud.

To be successful in this role, you will have

  1. 2 years of experience with front-end web development using Javascript frameworks like Angular.js or Ember.js or any of the Javascript frameworks
  2. front-end frameworks (like Bootstrap or Semantic UI)
  3. Strong UI and UX skills
  4. Knowledge of UI/UX principles behind single page web applications (SPA)
  5. 1-year experience at least with 3D computer graphics (OpenGL or WebGL)
  6. Experience with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
  7. Experience with version control systems like Git

About Us

Based in New Zealand, we are in the phase of developing a cloud-based interactive web application which delivers interactive 3D graphics.

In return for your work, what can you expect:

-- Ability to live and wor in a beautiful country known to many called New Zealand

-- A well-funded company that has stability and growth

-- A small team who believe in working hard and playing hard too

-- The team is like a small family where each one supports the other

-- It's a fun place to work in

-- If you want to migrate to New Zealand this can be an option as your skillset would be in the shortage list where New Zealand invites individuals like yourself to be part of our ecosystem


For further information on this listing please contact Zuricka 

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