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Job Posting — Jul 17, 2017

Front-End Developer

Full-time at

What We're Looking For is looking for a Front-End Developer

You will work with startups and big companies, helping them create complex applications and web solutions. Those applications might be challenging, as they are the core of our customer’s business. Using JIRA and do sprints together with other Aurity team members. You will work remotely from home, or place that suits you best for this kind of work. You will decide yourself when you want to start and finish your working day as long as you are on top of your job. We regularly talk to each other via Skype and other apps. Inside the company, we use Slack, Asana, and plenty of Google Tools.

Working in Aurity is great if you like to keep on learning, using latest tools and technologies. Right now we focus on React, React Native, Relay, Redux and GraphQL. Other developers will try to help you if you have difficulties, but you should have at least one year of experience with React to feel comfortable. You will also have an opportunity to join internal workshops. If you know something cool, that others might want to learn, you could also lead one of them.

Of course, there are other attractions, like #hackerhouse that we arrange every 6-8 months. You can join the team there, have some fun and work from it (we make sure, the internet connection is very good).

Leave us a message through and become one of us.

About Us

Check our facebook and website to catch our drift. We are chilling cool and SUPER HOT team of remote developers that love what they do and stay connected even after work. We just like this lifestyle. Join us.

Zero tolerance for errors, only top standards. We are extreme experts in React and React Native combined with Redux or GraphQL, backed with NodeJS. We create only fully-testable, complex, scalable applications with very high coding standards. Our team is selected from only the best people around the world who are addicted to perfect code and groundbreaking solutions.

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