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Job Posting — Aug 9, 2017

Front-End Developer (React) 

Full-time at MobPro
in Amsterdam


MobPro (Mobile Professionals) is looking for an experienced front-end (react) developer who can perfect the usability and performance of our very own real-time bidder platform.

We have an automated platform which, based on our clients’ needs, automatically bids on more than 20.000 bids per second. Our goal: to show relevant advertising to the right consumers’ smartphones.

In order to keep up with a growing number of advertising campaigns and opportunities in the advertising industry, we have very short development cycles. This means our platform and its features are constantly being refreshed. You will be responsible for taking our existing interface to the next level. Every day you will facing new challenges that requires experience in how to detect and how to solve it pro actively.

Your responsibilities as a front-end developer:

- Working with our Sales and Operations teams, you will determine the requirements for the new features and updates to the interface.

- Using your React skills, you will build an interface which hides away the complexities of our platform from the end user.

- The new interface will communicate with the backend using APIs. Backend development experience is therefore not required. You determine which APIs you need and your developer colleagues will take care of the rest.


The development team at MobPro uses Agile methodologies. We are a team of 5-7 developers who work very closely with our Operations and Sales teams. The Sales and Operations teams use the interfaces and dashboards to create, optimise and monitor advertising campaigns. When the Sales and Operations teams identify new opportunities in the market, it is the development team task to implement the technical aspect of the solution. We roll out updates every day and we instantly get feedback on the features we deliver.


You are the ultimate UX professional with experience in developing modern web interfaces, already living in The Netherlands or Europe. Someone who is able to easily present complex data. Our ideal candidate has great problem solving skills, an eye for detail and a passion to learn.

The skills of the ideal software engineer:

- Professional experience developing interfaces. Experience with React is a must.

- UX and design is second nature to you.

- You have knowledge of HTML5, CSS, version control and you are up to date with the latest in javascript (ES5, ES6, node, npm)

- Experience with python would be an asset.

But also:

- You are able to take UX complaints and problems from the Sales and Operations teams and implement solutions and (new) features.

- You have a critical eye and you’re not afraid to take initiative and deliver new features to the interface.

- You already are house vested in The Netherlands, or you live in North-America or somewhere else in Europa and you want to move to The Netherlands.


MobPro is the biggest player in the Dutch advertising industry. Located in the heart of Amsterdam, we are 25 mobile consultants, creative designers and software engineers who provide mobile advertising solutions for top brands. MobPro has made technology the company’s core. By valuing employee contributions and initiative, we are able to excel and innovate in the fast-evolving advertising market to be a successful and fast growing tech company.

- A monthly salary starting from €2.500,- up to €3.500,-, depending on your skills and capability.

- 32 to 40 hour work week.

- Commuting expenses paid.

- 25 vacation days, and a pension scheme.

- ‘Gezellige’ lunch provided every day in our very own MobPro Café.

- Bootcamp classes on Mondays, drinks at the office on Fridays (borrel), unlimited visits at the Hortus botanical gardens of Amsterdam and a crazy trip at the end of the year.

Do you want to work on high performance systems at MobPro and do you what you see? Send an e-mail and your resumé to

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