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Job Posting — Sep 6, 2017

Senior Front-End Engineer

Full-time at Entelo
in San Francisco

What We're Looking For

Entelo is looking for a Senior Frontend Engineer with expert working knowledge of React. We create web applications written in React + Ruby on Rails. We use webpack, Storybook, Jest and to build, share and test components. We use Go and Ruby on the backend to collect and process data and PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch and Redis to store it. We continually discover and update hundreds of millions of social profiles across dozens of sources and are looking to scale significantly. We have great products and enthusiastic customers. We are a growing team that continues to innovate.

We look for a combination of:

-Desire to share ideas with and mentor other team members

-Production experience with React/Redux or similar frameworks

-Ability to break down complex problems

-Strong communication and collaboration skills

-6+ years professional experience working in industry

About Us

Entelo is transforming the way companies hire. We leverage big data and predictive analytics to make recruiting better for candidates and recruiters alike. In 2017, we were thrilled to be named one of Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work!


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