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Job Posting — Sep 11, 2017

Front-End Engineer (React)

Full-time at SumUp
in Berlin

About SumUp

We are the leading mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) company in Europe, with major offices in Berlin, Sofia, and São Paulo. We started out five years ago and built our payment service from scratch to shake up the industry and wake up the entrepreneur within everyone. We created a unique device that pairs with the smartphone in your pocket, allowing small merchants to accept card payments anywhere. Beyond our original hardware, mobile and web apps, we have gone on to develop a suite of APIs and SDKs for integrating SumUp payments into other apps and services. We recently launched a brand new contactless device, which makes paying by card easier than ever before!

Today, hundreds of thousands of small businesses in 16 countries around the world rely on SumUp to get paid. But we won’t stop there. By the end of the year SumUp will expand into 16 more markets! If you think you've got what it takes to disrupt the payments industry — join us.

You'll fit in perfectly with our team if...

You not only love coding, but also take the time to reflect on the benefits and drawbacks of your tools, be they frameworks, languages, or processes.

You strive for clean code, but also know how to make your "shortcuts" easy to delete in a crunch.

You know what to test, why to test it, and how to write flexible tests that won't break with minor changes.

You have experience with or interest in Functional Programming techniques.

You know how to make pragmatic programming decisions in a complex codebase.

You care about user interaction, usability, and of course – making the interface beautiful.

In general, technology excites you and you strive to learn something on a daily basis!

Your impact at SumUp

You'll shape some of the core experiences of our merchants: from their first impression on our website, to the web-based features that make them loyal to our platform. Here are some of the things you'll be doing at SumUp:

Write pragmatic, testable code that works on different devices, OSes, and browsers.

Work with a cross-functional team to ship on a weekly basis.

Contribute to our React component library and build new features in our merchant-facing SPA.

Collaborate with product and design departments to build maintainable, usable, and beautiful features.

Share your knowledge with other developers through pair programming.

Take initiative in pushing projects forward, while validating and communicating your ideas with the team.

Help us continue to develop our open-source projects and culture.

Our tech stack and projects

Dashboard: Our merchant-facing web application, which provides merchants with analytics, reporting, employee management, signup, virtual terminal, and more. This application uses Angular 1.6, Webpack 3, Lodash, d3, and is formatted by Prettier. We're porting this application to React. You'll help us implement new features as part of your cross-functional team, as well as contribute to decisions on architecture and implementing best practices.

Website: Our website is the first thing merchants see before they decide try SumUp, and you will help us implement beautiful designs in that show off our awesome product. This project is also moving from Jekyll to React, to enable people in Sales, Marketing, and other departments to create and update pages using React components and pulling data from our headless CMS (Contentful).

Universal React component library and style guide: We're also compiling all our shared components between our website and web apps into a React UI library, which we plan to open source soon.

Various other web projects, as well as your own projects and initiatives.


2+ years prior professional experience

Expert knowledge of HTML, (S)CSS, and experience with React

Solid understanding of Javascript, and using the debugger

Experience building a non-trivial Single Page Application (SPA) (Angular or React preferable)

Linux basics (git, ssh, editing a file on a remote server, etc.)

Experience with data / content modeling and thinking in a reusable, component-oriented way

Experience implementing accessible and responsive designs according to pixel-precise design specs

Ability to communicate fluently about technical topics in English.

Bonus: Experience with Node and server-side debugging (or ability to learn).


More reasons to work at SumUp

Dedicated budget for attending conferences.

Weekly Lunch and Learn session, where the local dev team exchanges technical ideas over company-sponsored lunch.

Stay creative! Spend your Friday afternoons hacking on a side project of your choosing.

We do at least one off-site every year, where the tech teams from Berlin, Sofia, and São Paulo gather to hack together. In the past, we've gone to Bulgaria and Greece.

Our lean processes allow us to ship new features and functionality on a weekly basis.

Infrequent regular meetings – most days you'll do a stand up and get to work.

We have a close, welcoming, and international community; we get together regularly for brunches, cocktail nights, football, office parties, German classes, and yoga.

All the startup swag you expect: kicker table, beer in the fridge, and a shiny MacBook Pro.


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