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Job Posting — Nov 2, 2017

Front-end Developer / UX Designer

Contract at Workroll
in Remote

What We're Looking For

We’re looking for a designer / front-end developer to build and own innovative web applications using advanced JavaScript and advanced CSS with a desire to achieve good design, usability, accessibility, performance, and mobile/responsive web pages.

You will be responsible for sound technical execution of web projects through hands-on development, quality-assurance, and prototyping. These projects will require close collaboration with our engineering team.

In particular, you'll have:

* A passion for doing things the right way. A defendable opinion on what comprises the “right way” is a major plus.

* Demonstrate that you’ve built outstanding websites from concept to launch.

* A keen eye for interaction design and finishing touches.

* Advanced level knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5.

* Understanding of user-centered design, progressive enhancement and graceful degradation, accessibility, SEO, responsive design, and website performance.

* Proficiency with Ruby, Rails.

* Experience with CSS preprocessors like SCSS.

* Understanding of A/B testing.

This is a 3 month contract, to help us deliver and launch version 2 of our platform. Please send over github profile and hourly rate.

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