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Job Posting — Nov 22, 2017

Front-End Developer

Freelance at
in Berlin

What We're Looking For

We are looking for freelance front-end developers that have experience with the react framework. 

About Us is a young company that works with corporates, start-ups and incubates its own ventures in the disruptive technologies space. At the moment, the main focus is building blockchain applications, ranging from public to private and corporate settings. Projects include building smart contract implementations with front-end integration, preparing ICOs, consulting corporates, and many more. already has its own ecosystem of trusted partners, many of whom are key players in the blockchain space, including members of the Ethereum foundation among others. 

We have a great team ranging from executives with +20 years consultancy experience at the big four to startup gurus that worked for companies that went through Y-Combinator.'s headquarters are in Berlin. Although we are always happy to welcome people into our spacious office, working remotely is just as fine for our freelance positions. 

Please reach out to, to get in touch. 

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