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Job Posting — Dec 19, 2017

Front-End Developer

Full-time at
in Berlin


Job Type & Location:


Berlin (not remote!) 


Languages and frameworks

HTML & CSS (including CSS preprocessors such as SASS or LESS)

JavaScript (with a focus on front-end development and frameworks)

ReactJS, AngularJS….

Web3.js, Solidity or other ethereum/blockchain experience a bonus

Front-end and UX design

Experienced in responsive and mobile design

Comfortable with rapid iteration based on user stories, wireframes, and mockups

Development environment & Testing

Developing against RESTful services and APIs

Development in an asynchronous environment preferred

Responsive and mobile design

Cross-browser development and testing

Familiarity and comfortable with using and integrating front-end testing into your development process (such as with Mocha or Jasmine)

Happy to document your code

Git version control (we use GitHub)


Ideally, you should be interested in blockchain development and decentralized applications.


We,, are a young company, founded by an immensely experienced team, ranging from executives with +20 years consultancy experience at the big four to startup gurus that worked for companies that went through Y-Combinator.

We have a great network of big corporates as well as start-ups, especially from the disruptive technologies sphere, that we work and partner with. We also incubate our own ventures in the disruptive technologies space. already has its own ecosystem of trusted partners, many of whom are key players in the blockchain space, including members of the Ethereum foundation among others.

At the moment, the main focus is building blockchain applications, ranging from public to private, and corporate settings. Projects include building smart contract implementations with front-end integration, preparing ICOs, consulting corporates, and many more.’s headquarters are in Berlin. For our full-time positions, is based in Berlin is a must.

Please reach out to, to get in touch. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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