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Job Posting — Mar 1, 2018

Senior Engineer

Full-time at DigitalOcean
in Remote or New York City, NY

What You'll Be Doing:

  • Commiting code into existing and new projects utilizing languages such as Go, Rails, Ember JS, and Python.
  • Collaborating with the Data and Analytics team to measure effectiveness of projects. Analyze data to continually improve projects and collaborate with product strategy to develop new solutions.
  • Designing, writing and running the systems that provide an intuitive experience for developers as they engage DigitalOcean products and services.
  • Working with other engineers to build performant systems, that take into account testing, CI/CD, monitoring, alerting, build pipelines and deployment to multiple systems.
  • Contributing back to the open source software that we rely on.

What We'll Expect From You:

  • Significant experience working with software at scale.
  • Comfortable working with back end technologies such as Go and Python, and front-end technologies such as Ember JS and Rails.
  • The desire to help create and run highly reliable and performant distributed services.
  • Experience in authoring designs and specifications.
  • Excellent communications skills in written and oral form.
  • A healthy respect for tests, and their relationship with distributed architectures and continuous integration.
  • Enjoys learning new technologies and languages.
  • A fluent Linux shell user with good understanding of Linux operating systems.
  • Experience with Docker, CI/CD pipelines like Go CD, consuming and creating Lifecycle Events, etc.

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