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Job Posting — Mar 21, 2018

Front-End Developer 

Full-time at Snowball
in Skien, Norway

What We're Looking For

As a frontend developer, you will join the product engineering team at Snowball Digital to create next-generation digital products for our clients.

You will be developing web-based and native App frontends. We are looking for full stack abilities from server architecture, data management, delivery, and presentation, but with a strong focus on frontends.

You should have a strong developer background, ideally also an eye for layout and user interfaces.

You should also be able to manage cloud services on AWS and have an understanding of the full stack required to build modern scalable applications.

Our stack typically includes:

  • Node.JS / Express
  • AWS Lambda Services
  • Redis
  • GraphQL
  • REST endpoints
  • React / React Native
  • Styled components / Sass
  • Postman for test-driven development

About Us

Snowball is a Product Design and Realization company. We team up with our clients to design and build addictive products loved by their clients. Snowball builds beautiful products for digital ambitious companies. We simply love building and launching products.


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