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Job Posting — Apr 5, 2018

Front-End Developer

Full-time at Target Solutions Ltd
in Sofia, Bulgaria (not remote)

What We're Looking For

Main Duties

-Responsibility for the Frontends of various own and clients Websites

-Liaise with other departments such as our Marketing and Business- / Product-Development Teams

-Share your Expertise in order to create the best possible results

-Be pro-active in proposing improvements

-Converting approved designs into Code and handing them over to our Backend-development team

Qualifications / experience


-Javascript Libraries (jQuery, Bootstrap, or similar)

-Pagespeed optimizations


-Experience using templating engines before (pref. Handlebars/Pug/Yade)

Nice to have qualifications:

-Basic knowledge of nodeJS

-Basic knowledge of PHP

-You have been working with modularized systems before

-Using a build system before (Gulp, Grunt, Maven, …)

-Used docker before

About Us

We build, manage & monetize customer centred online platforms. We would like to meet you, do not hesitate to send us your CV to

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