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Job Posting — Aug 2, 2018

Javascript Front-End Developer


Company Description

This young start-up has recognised that it's time for a change in financial services.

Since March 2016, the team has been building a new lending & banking platform using modern technologies, offering a far faster, more flexible & cost-effective alternative to existing banking platform vendors.

Everyone who is a part of the team can contribute to its growth - everyone is supported in trying new ideas in their day to day roles and given freedom to shape a product which does something good for consumers and businesses.


- Working with a team in order to deliver projects in a timely manner.

- Troubleshoot technical issues and being able to propose potential solutions.

- Participate in discussions/planning around product implementation.

- Participate as part of an Agile Scrum team.

- Be able to work on more than one project at the same time.

This could be the perfect role for you if you’re someone who’s recently started working in the front-end world, has a passion for it, and want work on something long term that you’re proud of while collaborating with other people who are passionate as you are.


- Minimum 6 months commercial experience in front-end development role (no Wordpress/Ecommerce experience without proof of independent projects)

- Proven experience in working with JavaScript (bonus points for React/Angular/Vue)

- Proven experience in delivering front-end web applications with their team (being able to take ownership and present parts of the applications they worked on)

- Willingness to collaborate with other departments to advance and grow your personal skill set for career development.

- Proven passion for front-end development (individual projects, courses, particular interest in a specific area of front-end development)

- Willingness to learn various technologies in order to speed up project delivery (being able to research and apply suitable technologies is an important thing)

- Ability to learn from other developers and apply the lessons learned in own code

Technical knowledge (required):

- Web application development

- HTML/CSS knowledge. (We use SASS as a pre-processor, but knowledge of SASS is not required)

- Knowledge of responsive design principles for delivering web applications on desktop to mobile

- Basic knowledge and interest in programming using ECMAScript 2015 (ES6)

- Interest in learning/basic experience with ReactJS

- Interest in learning test-driven(TDD) approach when writing software

Bonus points:

- Selenium/other functional testing frameworks

- Experience with python, our platform is based on it (only if interested in more of a full stack role).

- Previous experience working in the Fintech industry would be an advantage


If you think you’re suitable, send a hello email, and a CV to or

Your CV should be in an open format, preferably PDF or plain text.

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