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Job Posting — Aug 6, 2018

Front-End Software Developer

Full-time at Lifefyle Ltd
in London

The opportunity

This is a unique opportunity for a front-end developer to join an ambitious team at Lifefyle, based in London. We are a team of 3 Co-founders, with complementary skill sets covering a huge variety of experience from building and operating successful businesses to mobile app development.

We are passionate about enabling people to fulfil their potential and live anxiety free lives and want to disrupt a gap that exists in the market. The successful candidate will be an integral part of the evolution and success of Lifefyle: a mobile-responsive web platform which will help users manage life admin. The aim is to provide users with peace of mind, and give them back time in their lives.

What you will be responsible for:

We are looking for an enthusiastic, and imaginative front-end developer to complement our teams’ current skills and design and develop the Lifefyle UI. We would like someone who can move down the stack when needed to help us build out from our current MVP, along our exciting development roadmap. You will also be happy to provide some first and second tier customer support alongside the rest of the team.

The successful candidate will:

● have at least 3 years experience in software and product development, with particular emphasis on front-end development

● Have good working knowledge of UI and UX principles

● be proficient in the following:

o Javascript, HTML, CSS

o AngularJS / Angular2

o JQuery

o CryptoJS

● have an interest in AI and machine learning

● be able to demonstrate an app/web-based product they have been closely involved in building

● be comfortable with development workflow, document management and source code version control

● be comfortable working with cloud solutions with everything automated, with an emphasis on continuous integration and delivery. Experience of CI tools would be useful.

● be motivated to build and grow their career within the Lifefyle team, and be excited by the Lifefyle proposition

● be a self-starter, able to work and make progress with minimal supervision

● be open to learning from and working with external advisors while at the same time being assertive enough to provide constructive challenge on the direction of the product

● be fun, passionate, driven, confident and have the ability to laugh at yourself


Given the early stage of Lifefyle as both a business and a product, and the size of the team, we are open to extending the remit of the role to suit you and depending on where your interest lies within the technical stack. 

We are also happy to discuss and consider flexible working options. 

Please send your cv to us at or

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