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Job Posting — Sep 19, 2018

Front-End Developer

Freelance at TST Industries
in Orlando, FL

What We're Looking For

We are looking for custom front-end help for our e-commerce website. The scope of work will primarily be custom PHP and Javascript to add or improve the functionality of the website. This will also include HTML, CSS for visual appeal. 

***Candidates from USA only***: Anyone outside the USA will not be considered.


Remote, work from home.


X-Cart version 4

Deadline & Milestones

Language and Tools:

Git version control (we use BitBucket)


Smarty Templates




Specific details for this project:

This project is to add logic to the checkout process. The process is basically this: A customer goes to checkout, a script searches their cart for specific items and if found, it shows them the items it found and a form that must be completed in order to checkout.

1 - Create small checkout form box that has a static text area (where our disclaimer will go) customer input text field for customer to manually enter their name (30 CHAR max) and checkbox for the customer to check saying they agree. The form should be styled to match the site.

2 - When a customer goes to checkout, a script should check if any of the SKU's in their cart match any SKU's from a list we will provide (array of less than 30 SKU's right now.)

3 - The script should output the list of SKU's found to the customer in a fashion similar to "Alert! For the following items in your cart: xxx, xxxx, etc"

4 - Below that notice, should be the form (1).

5 - Customer should not be allowed to checkout with those items in their cart unless they enter text (name) in the text box and also check the box saying they agree to terms.

6 - This logic should only apply when a customer goes to checkout and one or more of the items in their cart has a SKU that matches a SKU from the list we provide (2).

7 - Form results should be sent to x-cart database along with order information.

Workflow Once awarded the project:

1 - You will need to sign a NDA.

2 - We will add you as a team member on this project in bitbucket and you will be able to fork a branch.

3 - Your proposed implementations should be submitted as pull-request in bitbucket.

3.1 - Working demo's of your solution should be made available via a URL to working site and/or a compressed short .mp4 video showing example of proposed solution.

4 - Attention to logic details, code cleanliness, timelines and communication is very important.


If you don't see the text "***The following is not important in this milestone***", assume it is important for successful delivery or ask for clarification. When in doubt, it is best to communicate.

MILESTONE 1: Basic Logic

Show requested logic implemented in shopping cart checkout process. Should be working properly and when customer is checking out and does not have items from SKU list in their shopping cart, their experience should not change. Otherwise, they should end up in the flow described in the project description.

***The following is not important in this milestone***:

- How nice your UI implementation is (CSS).

- Form results going to x-cart database.

MILESTONE 2: Basic Logic + UI and UX

Basic logic working but with good looking CSS that matches the current site/checkout look and feel.

***The following is not important in this milestone***:

- Form results going to x-cart database.

MILESTONE 3: Basic Logic + UI and UX + Database implementation

At this point everything should be working well including DB implementation. The DB implementation should add the customer response (text entered in box and check field true) to two custom fields in order part of DB.

We will implement the database changes in house. So for this section you will also be providing script to handle populating the additional data into the database and written steps for implementation after showing demo of working solution.


For further information on this listing please email Erica -

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