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Job Posting — Apr 7, 2019

React Developer

Full-time at Transcend Inc.
in San Francisco

Transcend is replacing the worst UX on the internet: privacy policies.

People deserve control over their personal data. Transcend builds Data Privacy Infrastructure that helps consumers reclaim control of their data and makes it easy for software teams to comply with global data privacy laws. We’re well funded by renowned venture capital firms such as Accel, and are already serving iconic brands.

Transcend hires talented frontend engineers who feel driven to work on meaningful problems. We're looking for exceptionally strong React and design skills, an intuition for frontend processing and software design, and an eagerness to build whatever needs building.

Transcend has two front-end interfaces: the Privacy Center and the Administrator Dashboard. The former is the consumer interface, hosted at privacy.<company>.com by Transcend, where people go to export or delete their personal data from companies. The latter is where engineering and privacy teams go to fulfill consumer data rights requests.

Transcend is a fast-paced and exciting workplace. The product evolves quickly to meet new client needs and adapts to the rapidly advancing world of privacy law. As one of Transcend's earliest hires, you'll get to work on a wide array of exciting projects.

Transcend rolls with React, Redux, GraphQL, Storybook, and a Node backend.

Job Requirements

- Expertise with React and UX design

- 2+ years experience as a software engineer

- Bachelor's and/or Master's degree in Computer Science or Mathematics

If you don't meet all job requirements but feel you'd still excel in this position, please feel free to apply.

Please contact Ben Brook -

We believe that turning the principles of data privacy into exercisable human rights is one of the most high-impact ways we can spend our time, and so we're building an ambitious team that’s passionate about solving morally important problems and having fun while doing it.

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