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Job Posting — Oct 31, 2019

Senior Front-End Developer

Full-time at CYZA, INC.


We are hiring a senior frontend developer/engineer. This position requires senior development experience to lead our frontend development team. Position require full-time or very close to full-time commitment.

Although we are based in California, USA, this is a remote position for candidates working from their own home/office. Only individual applicants will be considered in joining our team, therefore, outsourcing companies or existing programmer teams will NOT be considered.

Basic conversational English is enough to work with our team and you do not have to be fluent. Mic, webcam, and excellent/reliable internet connection is required for remote communication. This is not a temporary job and you should be open to a long-term engagement.

About our platform’s technology stack: back-end is developed in Golang REST API, and front-end consists of Vanilla JavaScript (ES 6), spf.js, Gulp, Webpack, jQuery, SASS, and HTML5 technologies. We do not commit to any frameworks and only use libraries if needed. Our application is perhaps more hybrid between server-rendered and client-rendered. This is a large project and and will grow a lot more. Maintaining a great architecture and employing best coding practices is a top priority.


(1) At least 1 (one) year of coding/familiarity with each of the following technologies:

Vanilla Javascript / EcmaScript 6+







(2) Love to code and be a team player in a fast-paced development environment

(3) Able to work and learn independently.

(4) Able to work with existing code and architecture and have some experience of working in large projects (our platform is 80% developed).

(5) Be good at analysis of bugs, browser compatibility issues, and optimization issues.

(6) Basic conversational English is enough to work with our team and you do not need to be fluent.

(7) Be a “DOER”


Cyza is the next generation mobile and web-based marketplace platform focused with on-demand services! Built on solid design and technologies. The company is developing an omnichannel web-based software solution that enables businesses to be present in our online marketplace while using the same technology and other software tools to sell in their stores.


We look forward to learning about you and your knowledge. Please apply by emailing to and include the following:

(1) Basic resume that describes your current and past jobs including any major freelance work, education/training; and

(2) If not mentioned in your resume, tell us where are you from - city and country of residence; and

(3) Tell us about your availability (full-time, part-time)

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