Front-end Developer Jobs

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What is a front-end developer?

A front-end developer architects and develops websites and applications using web technologies (i.e. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) which run natively in a web browser or act as compilation input for non-web browser environments (e.g. PhoneGap or Tidesdk).

Common front-end developer job titles:
(job titles attempt to denote front-end expertise)

CSS/HTML Developer
Front-end Web Developer (aka Client-side Developer)
Front-end JavaScript Developer
Front-end Software Developer
Front-end JavaScript Application Developer
Web/Front-end user Interface (aka UI) Developer
Mobile/Tablet Front-end Developer
Front-end SEO Expert
Front-end Accessibility Expert
Front-end Dev. Opts
Front-end Testing/QA
It's not uncommon for employers to mix front-end job titles with words which denote the need for crossover disciplinary skills from other practices such as visual deisgn, interaction design, or back-end development (i.e. databases or server side programming with PHP, Ruby, Java, and .net development). For example, some employers use job titles like "Front-end Developer/Designer", "Fullstack Developer", "Front-end Software Engineer" or the generic "Web Developer" title which indicates knowledge from other disciplines. It should not be assumed that a front-end developer is trained in crossover practices. When a job title blurs the lines between practices a clarification will be needed so that one can determine the experience and knowledge required in these crossover practices.

Additionally it's not uncommon for employers to use the word "engineer" interchangeably with "developer" (e.g. Front-end Engineer and Web UI Engineer as opposed to Front-end Developer and Web UI Developer).

Common web technologies employed by front-end developers:
(not an exhaustive list, just the broad strokes)

Common/modern browsers (includes headless browsers) that run front-end code:

Chrome (engine: Blink)
Opera (engine: Blink)
Safari (engine: Webkit)
PhantomJS (engine: Webkit)
FireFox (engine: Gecko)
slimerjs (engine: Gecko)
TrifleJS (engine: Trident)

Common operating systems, running browsers:
(front-end code does not exclusively run in a browser alone e.g. Windows app)


Common devices, running operating systems, that run browsers:
(front-end code does not exclusively run in a browser alone e.g. Titanium)


Common front-end developer skills/knowledge:
(basic to advanced HTML, DOM, CSS, HTTP & URL's, JavaScript, and browser skills are assumed)